New Patients?

Q: Are you accepting new patients?

A: Yes, we are accepting new patients but it depends on your insurance so call first: 808-323–3107


Q: I don't have insurance. Will you still accept me as a patient?

A: Cash or self-pay patients are welcome. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards.


Q: How do I know how much my deductible is?

A: Please call your insurance company (number on the back of your card) to verify before seeing the doctor


Q: What if I can't find my insurance card, can I still be a new patient?

A: We need some verification from your insurance company with your subscriber ID number. Ask for a fax to be sent to 808-323-0012



Q: What is your payment policy?

A: If you are self-pay, have Medicare or have a mainland or international insurance, we expect payment in full at the time of service. We will send billing in for reimbursement if you have insurance.


Q: When do I pay my co-pay, deductible, or past balance?

A: All payments are to be paid before seeing the doctor at the time of the visit.

Your Info

Q: Why do you need my email address?

A: To provide you with the link to our patient portal


Q: What if I change my address or phone?

A: Please update us as soon as possible if you change your address, phone or any insurance company information

Note We do not treat:

  • Chronic pain treatment
  • HIV/Aids
  • Workman's Comp (workplace injuries)
  • Vehicle Accidents